Estevan Saskatchewan gets first electric vehicle charger

The small town of Estevan, Saskatchewan is ready to welcome visitors with electric vehicles (EVs) after the first charger was recently turned on at a local mall.

Located at 400 King Street at the Estevan Market Mall, the Sun Country level 2 charger is now available for use by passersby, or the two EV owners in Estevan.

One of those owners is Mark Kroeker, a Saskatchewan Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA) board member. He owns a Tesla Model Y, and says there are currently about 1,650 EVs in the province, a big jump from last year.

“It’s growing exponentially for sure. As of about April last year there was only about 350 electric cars registered in Saskatchewan,” Kroeker told the Estevan Mercury.

You can find the EV charger in front of the Peavy Mart by the antique tractor seen above. According to check-ins on PlugShare, the parking spots are sometimes taken by Peavy Mart employees. Hopefully that will change soon, if it hasn’t already.

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