Elon Musk to Visit Giga Berlin: Report

According to German media, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is going to visit Giga Berlin this week. His visit could come just days after so-called “eco-terrorists” attacked the factory by setting a high-voltage power line on fire.

According to a report by German Table Media, Elon Musk will land at BER airport on Wednesday. He is expected to go straight to Giga Berlin, corporate circles have learned. It is reported that a meeting is also planned with Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke and Brandenburg Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach. At the moment, there has been no official confirmation of Musk’s visit.

On March 5, “eco-terrorists” attacked the factory. They set fire to a high-voltage power line, leaving several settlements and an industrial zone in the area without electricity. The far-left Vulcan Group claimed responsibility for the attack. Production at Giga Berlin stopped for several days. On Monday evening, power supply to the factory was restored. However, at present, production has not yet been launched at full capacity, but is gradually being increased. Tesla said on Tuesday that it was not yet possible to say when it would be fully operational again.

Musk left several comments about the attack on X, condemning the actions of the terrorists. A number of politicians and domestic policy structures also assessed this extremely negatively. While so-called “environmentalists” attack Tesla, which produces electric cars and has a direct positive impact on the environment, they are silent about gasoline car manufacturers, or the coal mining industry, which has a huge negative impact on climate change and pollution.

“This is an escalation that cannot be tolerated in any way and that people, employees and companies in the region are suffering from,” wrote Steinbach on his X account. He also wants to improve safety at the factory. “What is possible will definitely be strengthened,” he said at a press conference at Giga Berlin last week. “We looked at where critical infrastructure is.”

Federal Home Affairs Minister Nancy Faeser said: “An attack like this on our electricity infrastructure is a serious crime that cannot be justified in any way. Violence and sabotage should not be used as a means of confrontation.”

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