Tesla releases another “big” FSD Beta V12 update [2023.44.30.25]

Tesla has released another update for Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta V12. Late on Monday night the company deployed software update 2023.44.30.25, which included FSD Beta V12.3, to a select group of employees and customers.

Tesla first released FSD Beta v12 to employees last year, rolling out a brand new version of their self-driving software that no longer relied on hundreds of thousands of lines of code to decide what to do, instead moving to end-to-end neural nets.

The switch was supposed to be a major step in Tesla’s FSD program, and early feedback from employees and a very small group of public testers showed promise, with v12 exhibiting much more human-like behaviours.

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The company was hoping for a wide rollout of v12 last month, but a reported safety incident occurred that delayed the release for additional testing.

Now v12.3 has rolled out, and despite the update containing the same release notes as the previous version, v12.2.1, and despite v12 not yet going through a full deployment, CEO Elon Musk has used a familiar phrase, saying this update is a “big release” that “should arguably be called v13.”

According to third-party Tesla software tracker and companion app Teslascope, v12.3 is still quite limited. Internal testing of this latest version only began this past Saturday, and not all employees have received the update yet.

Given that, Teslascope believes a second wave of v12.3 will either roll out on Tuesday, or depending on how the testing goes, this weekend.

The good news is that deployment should also include Canada. While no public testers in Canada have received any FSD Beta v12 update, we have been able to confirm employees have been testing the software on Canadian roads.

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