Tesla starts deploying adaptive high beam support to all cars in Europe, working on certification for North America

Tesla has started deploying its latest software update, and it includes a long-awaited feature, adaptive high beam support for Model S, legacy Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.

The feature is included in version 2024.8, and being added to cars in some regions of Europe, but the company has confirmed it is working on also bringing the feature to North America and other parts of the world.

Tesla initially added matrix LED headlights into their vehicles as far back as four years ago, progressively implementing them across their entire lineup. These headlights have the ability to turn off individual pixels, enabling them to dim the beams directed at oncoming vehicles or pedestrians. These are known as adaptive headlights, and they have been approved for use in many parts of the world.

Tesla finally introduced adaptive high beams to the upgraded Model 3 in Europe earlier this year. Recent certification documents from Europe revealed that Tesla has received approval to also activate adaptive high beams on the Model Y and the original Model 3, as well as the Model S and Model X.

Following the approvals, the company has started rolling out support for adaptive high beams to the all of their vehicles in Europe equipped with matrix LED headlights, according to VP Vehicle Engineering, Lars Moravy. This feature is included in software version 2024.8.

In his post on X, Moravy added that they are continuing to work on getting certification to release adaptive high beam support in “more regions.” Thanks to an earlier post on the subject, we know that includes Canada and the US.

Last month Moravy said his team is “plugging away” at getting approval, but that the regulation that governs adaptive high beams, FMVSS 108, “is pretty strict.” Given that, we shouldn’t expect the feature to arrive here very soon, but at least we know it is being worked on and will finally be coming.

If you are wondering if you have the original or newer matrix headlights in your Tesla, simply look for the large round bulb on the outer edge of the headlight housing. If you have this, you have matrix headlights.

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