Elon Musk more confident than ever Full-Self Driving will arrive before the end of the year

Tesla FSD
Credit: Tesla

While there are many critics who believe Tesla is nowhere near to having feature complete Full-Self Driving (FSD), CEO Elon Musk is very confident it will happen, and sooner than most think.

During yesterday’s Q2 2020 earnings call, Musk spoke out the latest Alpha build of the FSD software, which he is personally testing in his own vehicle.

He says the new software, thanks to the Autopilot fundamental rewrite currently underway, is “profoundly better than people realize…it’s like amazing.

With the unreleased software, Musk said it is “almost” getting to the point where he can go from his house to his work with zero interventions. He further clarified that his route includes construction zones and other varying situations, and the system is still able to handle these situations.

Musk’s personal experience with the alpha build is the reason for his confidence, and why he still strongly believes feature complete FSD will happen before the end of the year.

So this is why I am very confident about full self-driving functionality being complete by the end of this year, it’s because I’m literally driving it.

We have previously reported that Tesla is currently undergoing a fundamental rewrite of its Autopilot software. Just earlier this month, Musk said the timeline for feature complete FSD could even be as near as 2-4 months away.

Even when Tesla does release feature complete FSD, Musk has previously clarified that drivers will still have to pay attention and be ready to take control of the vehicle at any time.

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