Elon Musk laughs at Polestar’s Super Bowl ad that takes shot at Tesla and VW

Electric vehicles (EVs) were the dominant theme in yesterday’s Super Bowl commercials, with the likes of GM, Nissan, BMW, and others paying millions of dollars for the highly coveted screen time.

One of those others was Polestar, the Swedish EV automaker that sold 29,000 electric cars last year, paying $7 million to take shots at the EV sales leader, Tesla, or more specifically, its CEO Elon Musk.

The 30-second ad, called “No Compromises” didn’t feature any celebrities, but instead was just a series of words and phrases intended to show their commitment to building quality EVs.

Without mentioning anyone by name, one phrase was a clear shot at Musk – “No conquering Mars,” with a view of the Polestar 2 meant to look like an approaching planet.

There were also jabs at other automakers, like VW with the phrase “No Dieselgate” in reference to the automaker’s emissions scandal which ended in 2015 and billions in dollars of fines.

Despite having a prime opportunity to show potential customers what your EV is all about, we only get to see the Polestar 2 for about 4 seconds at the very end of the spot.

Not one to shy away from controversy, Musk replied to the commercial with a simple laughing face emoji on Twitter.

You can see the full Polestar Super Bowl LVI below.

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