SpaceX raises $1.16 billion in equity financing

According to regulatory filings, Space X has raised an additional $1.16 billion in equity financing. This release comes as the company disclosed funding from investors such as Alphabet Inc and Fidelity Investments.

Space X’s last few funding rounds have raised a lot of money. The company raised $1.9 billion in August of 2020, and another $850 million earlier this year.

Space X has continued to test its rocket and recovery systems over the last few months. In February, the SN9 blew up on final descent to its launch pad. The SN9 test mirrored the explosion of an SN8 rocket a few months before.

The US House of Representatives has since launched an investigation of SpaceX. The inquiry will look at if the company violated US safety regulations and the test licence agreement.

Last month, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the company was still on track to land its spacecraft on Mars before 2030. Only time will tell if this happens, but if you had to bet on a company to do it, SpaceX is a solid bet.

Source: Reuters

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