Delivery dates for new Tesla Model 3 slip in Canada and the US

Tesla announced the launch of the new Model 3 for the North American market on Tuesday, and it looks like there is already high demand for the upgraded electric sedan as estimated delivery dates have extended further into the future.

When Tesla started taking orders for the new Model 3 on Tuesday, the online configurator showed estimated delivery dates of between January and February for both the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and Long Range (LR) versions in both Canada and the US.

Just 24 hours later and that timeframe has already slipped. According to the Design Studio on Wednesday night, estimated delivery dates had slipped to February and March, for both variants, in both countries.

The high demand is not something that should come as a surprise, but it is a good sign for the electric sedan, which has recently been performing in the shadows of its bigger sibling, the Model Y, which has unofficially claimed the title of best-selling car in the world in 2023. After its initial launch in 2017 the Model 3 helped catapult Tesla into the mainstream, proving that mass-market electric cars can be successful, with Tesla selling over one million units over the following years.

Six plus years later and a refresh of the Model 3 comes at just the right time. The upgraded Model 3 comes with a number of improvements, both inside and outside the vehicle, yet despite all these improvements and upgrades, it comes at the same price as the “legacy” Model 3.

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