Are a 100kWh battery, Ludicrous Mode, and new wheels coming to the Model 3? Source code hints at yes

Fifth Gear Model 3 Performance cover

The source code can often be looked at for hidden secrets or possible features in upcoming software releases, and if the latest findings by Tesla hacker @greentheonly are any indication, the Model 3 could be getting some notable improvements and often-requested features in the near future.

100kWh Battery Pack

Back in March 2019, the 100kWh battery pack first appeared in the code according to @greentheonly. More importantly though, it wasn’t deleted along with a number of other parameters that appeared at the same time, in a mid-2019 update. The fact that it’s still around in the code could mean a bigger battery in the future for the Model 3.

Ludicrous Mode

Ludicrous mode has been a feature of the Model S and Model X, and many fans have asked Elon Musk for the feature to make it to the Model 3. The obvious choice for Ludicrous Mode on a Model 3 would be the Performance model, but the code hints at it even making it’s way all the way to the Standard Range Plus (SR+) model.

New Wheels

Tesla recently introduced the 19″ Gemini wheel package, a new set of wheels sold as a winter package for the Performance Model 3. Now based on the source code, it looks like another new set of wheels could be coming to the Model 3 soon.

For other new features that may be coming to Tesla vehicles in the future, check out @greentheonly on Twitter.

h/t [InsideEVs]

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