Tesla limits Standard Connectivity package to 8 years on new vehicle purchases

Tesla no longer provides their Standard Connectivity package, which includes basic navigation, at no cost for the lifetime of the vehicle. According to an update on Tesla’s Connectivity support page, all new vehicle orders made after July 20, 2022 are impacted by the change.

“All new Tesla vehicles ordered on or before July 20, 2022, will have Standard Connectivity features at no cost for the lifetime of the vehicle (excluding retrofits or upgrades required for any features or services externally supplied to the vehicle – e.g. telecommunications network).”

If you place an order after July 20, 2022 your Standard Connectivity package will only be good for 8 years, after which you will have to begin paying for either the Standard or Premium package.

Since that deadline is still 8 years away, Tesla does not indicate how much the Standard package will cost.

Currently the Premium Connectivity package costs $13.99 per month in Canada. In the US it costs $9.99 per month, but owners south of the border can also purchase an annual subscription for $99.

All new Tesla purchases still include a 30-day trial of Premium Connectivity.

For used Tesla purchases made after July 20, 2022, these cars will still have the remainder of their 8-year Standard Connectivity package from the original date of purchase.

Prior to this change, first reported by Teslarati, the support page indicated the Standard Connectivity package was “Included”.

As noted above, this package includes only Navigation, with all other connectivity features like Live Traffic Visualization, Satellite-View Maps, video streaming and more reserved for the Premium Connectivity package.

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