College papers graded by Elon Musk sold for $7,753

A selection of papers graded by Elon Musk sold at auction this week for $7,753.

The documents were from a class in 1995 when Musk was at the University of Pennsylvania.

Musk previously worked as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business while attending the school. The papers are from Professor Myles Bass Management 231 class: ‘Entrepreneurship: Implementation and Operations’.

The papers belonged to Brian Thomas, who saw some potential value on some of this old coursework.

The auction company he used specialized in autographs and manuscripts.

Although there are very comments, Musk did add his initials’ EM’ to the bottom of the paper. Musk’s only comment was concern about Thomas’s use of the phrase ‘when shit hits the fan’.

Musk did not appreciate this and underlined ‘Graphic’ and deducted two points.

Thomas does not have any memory of Musk. In fact, he kept the papers as he fondly remembered Bass and that class. Professor Bass passed away in 2010, reports CNN.

Elon Musk signatures and other memorabilia is a rarity in auction circles. So much so that an autographed photo of Musk sold from the same auction house for $1.383 million.

The auction company, RR Auctions out of Boston, did not identify the buyer.

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