Canadian buys Hyundai Ioniq 5, finds out it has no fast charging

Yes, you could order a Hyundai Ioniq 5 with no capability for CSS fast charging. One Canadian owner learned that there was an ultra-base model of the Ioniq 5 without DC fast charging.

Thanks to The Drive, who found the unlucky owner on a Hyundai Ioniq form.

Although many on the forum thought they were lying or the CSS was not installed, it turns out that the forum poster bought the little advertised and hardly known Ioniq 5 Essential Trim.

The Ioniq 5 Essential Trim was priced at $44,499, which was $1 below the cut-off limit of the iZEV credit. In essence, it was a compliance vehicle that lacked a heat pump, battery heater and the ability to fast charge. According to the Drive, Hyundai sold 30 units in the 2022 model year and subsequently discontinued the trim in Canada. Per a Hyundai spokesperson, the company “adjusted [its] packaging strategy for the model year 2023 to better meet the demand of Canadian customers.”

Making matters even worse, the owner paid a premium for the car, with them shelling out $54,000 after the government rebate of $10,000. So, presumably thanks to dealer applied market adjustments, the total cost of the vehicle would have been over the MSRP by $17,000 or more.

Now there may be a good news story at the end of all of this. The owner appears to be in talks with the dealership to swap the vehicle for one with fast charging. However, it is unclear if they will pay an additional cost or if the dealer will make the swap at cost.

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