Fiat Chrysler may buy technology from Tesla instead of building it

Telsa Model 3

On Thursday, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced plans to merge with France’s Peugeot. In addition to news of the merger, FCA’s CEO Mick Manley said that after the merger is complete, they may purchase technology from Tesla instead of building it.

Manley commented that after the merger, the group would become the fourth largest automaker in the world. With that, electrification of their fleet would happen on a “grand scale”.

Part of the pieces of techonology they may be interested in purchasing from Tesla includes batteries and drivetrains. That would allow the automaker to take those components and build around it, creating custom suspension and handling components to suit the line-up of vehicles, which would include brands such as Jeep, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo.

Tesla has been very open with sharing their technology with others to advance the world’s transition to sustainable energy. They opened all their patents for anyone to use in the hopes that would spur on other automakers to make the shift to EVs. Tesla has also in the past provided powertrains to Toyota, but that relationship ended in 2010 when Tesla went public.

h/t [Business Insider]

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