Chevrolet Blazer EV relaunches with major price cuts and software overhaul

The Chevrolet Blazer EV is back on the market with significant price reductions in Canada and the US, and software updates designed to address earlier issues that resulted in a stop-sale order.

In late 2023, General Motors (GM) was forced to halt sales of the 2024 Blazer EV due to various software issues, including problems with the vehicle’s charging capabilities and infotainment system. These issues ranged from blank screens to error messages during charging sessions, significantly impacting the vehicle’s reliability and customer satisfaction.

In response, Chevrolet has rolled out a comprehensive software update aimed at fixing these problems and improving overall vehicle functionality.

We have made significant software updates that will improve features and functionality to deliver on the high expectations of our customers. We’re confident these improvements will address concerns heard from some early owners and as promised, we’re carrying learnings over to other products in GM’s lineup.


To further entice buyers back to the Blazer EV, Chevrolet also announced substantial price cuts across various trims of the Blazer EV for both Canada and the US.

In Canada the base model 2LT AWD is now C$3,000 cheaper, starting at $$60,730. The RS RWD and AWD models saw a more significant price drop, down C$6,000 to $$67,370 for both models. All models qualify for the federal $$5,000 iZEV rebate in Canada, along with eligibility for additional provincial incentives, like $$7,000 in Quebec.

’24 Blazer EV ModelOriginal PriceNew PricePrice Difference
2LT AWD$60,730$63,730$-3,000
RS RWD$73,370$67,370-$6,000
RS AWD$73,370$67,370-$6,000

In the US the reductions range from US$5,620 to US$6,520, depending on the model, lowering the starting price of the LT AWD version to US$50,195.

Additionally, Chevrolet says the Blazer EV is now eligible for the federal tax credit, further reducing the price by up to US$7,500 for eligible buyers.

’24 Blazer EV ModelOriginal PriceNew PricePrice Difference
LT AWD$56,715$50,195-$6,520
RS AWD$60,215$54,595-$5,620
RS RWD$61,790$56,170-$5,620
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