The First Chevrolet Blazer EVs roll off the assembly line in Mexico

The first Chevrolet Blazer EVs rolled off the assembly line at General Motor’s Ramos Arizpe Assembly Plant this week. This is big news for General Motors and Blazer EV reservation holders, who have waited for the vehicle to debut for some time.

GM is offering two variants of the Blazer EV in the initial launch, with a 2LT and RS launching this Summer. The entry-level 1LT will be available in Winter 2024. While the top-of-the-line SS will be making its debut later in Fall 2023.

The first Blazer EV off the line appears to be an RS in Riptide Blue, but Sterling Grey Metallic vehicles were also seen. The RS comes with 21-inch wheels and a blacked-out grill. Photos of the first Blazer EVs were shared by the GM Ramos Arizpe Assembly Plant Facebook page. (via BlazerEVForum)

We still do not have some details on the vehicle and hope that GM releases them soon. However, we know that the Blazer EV RS will have an estimated range of around 515 km, and owners can choose front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. The exact specs are still a bit of a mystery through.

GM expects the Blazer EV to be a top-selling vehicle for the Chevrolet brand. This was made clear when the company ended production of the best-selling Bolt and Bolt EUV. The move raised many eyebrows, but for GM, the focus is on the newer and bigger SUVs and trucks for better or worse.

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