Canoo unveils new electric pickup truck

Canoo, known for its unique and funky designs, has unveiled its latest vehicle, a truck.

Pre-orders of the Canoo truck will start in the coming months, and production aims to begin deliveries by 2023.

Based on a pod design, the Canoo truck is 184 inches and is built to expand. The truck bed is 6 feet and is fully expandable by width and length. As well, the bed has additional storage for tools, a built-in work bench and creates a camping-friendly shell with ease.

Depending on the configuration, the Canoo truck will have a 200-mile (321 km) range on a single charge. The very essence of the Canoo truck is a modular design, and the customizations are practically endless on this platform.

Canoo decided to go small to provide EV truck buyers with a smaller option. The upcoming Tesla Cybertruck is 230 inches long. While the best-selling gasoline truck, the Ford F-150 comes in at 250 inches.

Pricing and any subscription plans have yet to be released, nor has any specs on the battery powering this truck. For those looking for an EV truck with a trustworthy multi-purpose platform, this fun-sized truck might be worth a gander.

Canoo truck

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