Brandenburg’s Ministry of Environment begins two week inspection of Giga Berlin

Officials from Brandenburg’s Ministry of Environment will be inspecting Giga Berlin over the next two weeks to ensure it was built and is operating in accordance with the factory’s permit.

The Ministry announced the inspection would begin on May 9 and last until May 20.

According to a report by RBB24, the inspection could result in some changes to Giga Berlin. If authorities determine the factory is being operated in accordance with requirements of the permit, Tesla will be granted a grace period to correct the deficiencies.

If after the grace period is over Tesla has still not corrected the issues, more forceful measures could be taken, including up to a shutdown of the factory.

However, such a measure would only be considered if there was an immediate danger to workers or the environment.

Tesla officially began production and deliveries from Giga Berlin nearly two months ago on March 22, 2022. Despite this, the factory has not yet met all of the requirements that were part of the environmental approval.

This is allowed by the government since the factory is being commission in phases, and the requirements for the respective parts of the factory in operation have been met.

Even though the environmental approval has been secured, an environmental group is calling for Giga Berlin’s operating permit to be revoked. The Green League is requesting such a drastic measure after a leak at the factory’s Paint Shop last month.

Environmental groups not giving up their fight against Giga Berlin

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