Baidu’s V20 Maps for Tesla Revealed; Paves Way for FSD in China

Baidu Maps demonstrated the performance of its new V20 maps in real-life tests on a Tesla. The company announced that its new product, lane-level navigation, will soon be launched on Tesla cars in China. This cooperation should ensure FSD’s entry into the Chinese market.

In April, Baidu said that the Apollo smart car product launch, which features four major versions of Baidu Maps, has been officially released. According to information from Pandaily, the Basic version, the 3D Leading version, the 3D Flagship version, and the SR Smart Driving version will be launched. It is expected that the 3D Leading version will debut in Tesla cars, and will also be applied to some Huawei models.

The new version of Baidu maps has been seriously updated compared to the earlier version. Now it is not 2D, but 3D, with a new user interface. It has become more intuitive and better suited specifically for Tesla vehicles. Interface updates include larger icons on the display, adding features such as camera reminders, lane departure warnings, bus lane reminders, and speeding reminders. Below you can watch a video from Baidu on their new v20 maps for Tesla.

Baidu also added a comment to the video posted on Weibo: “We know that everyone is a little excited about the launch time of Tesla Baidu Map V20. To make up for your wait, we have road-tested it for everyone, and here is the real testing video. Enjoy! Good things are coming, it will be launched soon, looking forward to meeting you all soon.”

Tesla has been preparing to launch FSD in China for some time now. The company collects and processes data collected in the country only in local data centers to comply with Chinese requirements. Earlier it also became known that Tesla had expanded its agreement of 2020 with Baidu. It was reported that FSD would work in China on Baidu’s deeply customized lane-level map.

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