Tesla FSD Will Work in China on Baidu Customized Lane Level Maps; Testing Starts Soon: Report

Tesla has expanded their partnership with Baidu, a Chinese mapping company that will bring its FSD to the Chinese market. It is reported that testing will be launched soon, and FSD will work in China on the Baidu’s deeply customized lane level map, specially designed for Advanced Driving Assistance.

It is reported that Tesla will use advanced assisted driving maps from Baidu in the China version of its full-self-driving (FSD) technology. China Business Network reported new information on the website of the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). It now states that, in addition to the Baidu Auto Map (T version), which is used for vehicle navigation services onboard the car computer, several other advanced driving assistance maps by Baidu Maps have recently received approval from the MNR.

Among the approved maps is the Enhanced Driving Assistance Map GS(2023)4634 introduced by Baidu. It is a lane-level map created as a collaboration between Tesla and Baidu Maps. The map is exclusive and deeply customized for the partnership.

In addition, it is reported that Tesla may begin testing FSD in China among its customers. According to a copy of the invitation sent to some car owners in the country, the company is going to give them early access to FSD testing (via @raines1220/X).

“Dear Tesla owners, thank you for your long-term support of Tesla! We are pleased to inform you that we are about to launch an important testing activity to provide special experiences for early owners who purchase the Full Self-Driving Software (FSD),” the letter says.

The letter also mentioned that the company will provide FSD v12 for testing. FSD Beta internal testing was supposed to start on April 30, 2024. Tesla asked to confirm the participation in the program of those who wish to do so.

Tesla has partnered with Baidu for their navigation mapping in China since 2020. The two companies recently launched new visualizations which include 3D renderings of buildings.

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