Australia introduces cameras targeting illegal phone use while driving

New South Wales (NSW) in Australia has just introduced new cameras powered by artificial intelligence that can detect when drivers are using their mobile phones illegally.

These new mobile phone detection high definition cameras will include both fixed and trailer-mounted cameras that can move to various locations. Artificial intelligence has been developed to automatically review images as they are taken, and if tagged as potentially violating the law, the images will be reviewed by a human and verified.

A common complaint about Tesla vehicles is that the large displays contribute to distracted driving. From the video released by NSW, it appears the cameras only look for mobile phones in the hands of the driver. It will be interesting to see if Tesla drivers using the display in their vehicles will be issued tickets for distracted driving.\

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Minister for Roads Andrew Constance says that the time has come for people to put down their phones while driving, “Some people have not got the message about using their phones legally and safely. If they think they can continue to put the safety of themselves, their passengers and the community at risk without consequence they are in for a rude shock.”

The cameras began operating on December 1 2019 and will be in operation 24/7 in all weather conditions. If you are caught by the new cameras in the first 3 months of operation, drivers will only face a warning ticket. After 3 months, fines of $344 AUD ($312 CAD) will be issued to the driver, as well as 10 demerit points.

h/t [Engadget]

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