Tesla Model Y spotted with tow hitch

A tow hitch was first expected to be released on Tesla’s Model 3. While European markets have seen this option available on Tesla’s online configurator with a 2,000lb towing capacity, it has yet to make it to North American shores (yet). Now it appears the soon-to-be-released Model Y may come with one too.

Tesla Model 3 towing capactiy

Spotted by @mattdgonzales on Twitter at a Supercharger in California, we can clearly see an opening in the rear bumper for the hitch. The Model Y also has Tesla’s newly released Gemini wheels, which are only available for the Performance Model 3.

Blue Model Y with trailer hitch

Tesla recently moved up the release of the Model Y with production expected to begin in summer 2020. The Long Range version starts at $66,390CAD and the Performance version is available for $84,390CAD.

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