Argo AI announces a new line of autonomous products and services for rideshare and delivery businesses

Credit: Argo

Argo AI unveiled a suite of products and services to help support autonomous services for any sized ridesharing or delivery business.

The Argo ecosystem is designed to be an off-the-shelf solution for companies looking to add autonomous vehicles to their operations.

Argo AI’s Brett Browning had this to say about the launch:

Advancements in autonomy will improve the safety and accessibility of our roads, while also solving real business challenges. By creating this full suite of products and services, Argo offers businesses across a broad range of industries everything they need to take advantage of self-driving technology at scale.

The company unveiled the following products and services:

Argo Connect

Argo Connect is the gateway software to the Argo product ecosystem. Argo Connect allows businesses to schedule and dispatch autonomous vehicles seamlessly through application programming interfaces that work with most dispatch software.

Argo Autonomy Platform

The full suite consists of four products: software, hardware, high-definition maps and backend support. The platform includes:

  • Argo Drive
  • Argo Lidar
  • Argo Map
  • Argo Hub

Argo Autonomy Solutions

Argo’s Autonomy Solutions allows companies to implement and operate an autonomous fleet. Argo Autonomy Solutions include two sets of services:

  • Argo Operations
  • Argo Fleet

Finally, Argo is also promoting its Autonomy Data and Analytics suite, which comes from Argo vehicles during operations.

These data sets could provide valuable insights to customers, especially those looking to digitalize and automate processes.

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