Tesla Supercharger network size increases 25% in six months, now at 25,000 chargers worldwide

Perhaps the biggest advantage Tesla has over the competition is the expansive Supercharger network. The first Superchargers were only installed less than 10 years ago with just a handful on each coast of the United States.

Since then the automaker has been installing Superchargers at an impressive pace. In November Tesla announced it had reached 20,000 Supercharger stalls spread among 2,016 stations around the world.

Less than six months later, they announced from their recently created Tesla Charging account on Twitter the network has increased by another 25%, now at 25,000 chargers and counting.

The Tesla Charging account on Twitter posts automatic tweets every time a station goes live. Following the tweets since it was created in January, the largest number of new stations have clearly been from China.

According to data from supercharge.info, the 25,000 chargers are located at 2,723 stations around the world.

Supercharger stations stats
Image via supercharge.info
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