Annoyed by Tesla’s wipers? New Deep Rain Neural Net coming soon

Tesla wipers

If you’ve had complaints about Tesla’s wipers, then you’re going to be happy about this news. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter yesterday that Tesla is currently developing a new neural network called “Deep Rain” to improve its wiper system.

What you might now know about Tesla’s current automatic rain-sensing wipers is that they operate differently than any other vehicle with rain-sensing wipers on the road today. Traditionally, vehicles with rain-sensing wipers have a rain sensor to detect when to, and at what speed, to operate the wipers. Tesla vehicles don’t have a rain sensor, but instead rely on its network of cameras to determine when to turn the wipers on, and to determine the speed of the wipers.

Musk went on further to explain that this isn’t actually a joke, although it may sound like one, and confirmed that this new neural network will also determine road conditions and adjust the speed of the vehicle while in Autopilot.

This update will of course come via an over-the-air (OTA) software update at no cost to owners, and will not require the new 3.0 hardware computer.

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