All Tesla subscription ride-hailing service to launch soon in Sacramento

Go 360

A new startup in Sacramento is busy in beta testing as it waits for official approval to become the latest all-Tesla ride hailing service.

The company, Go360, expects the approval to start charging passengers to come later this month. Until then, they are continuing to ferry around a control group of passengers to gather data on route optimization.

Engineers have taken a unique approach and developed an algorithm that takes into account how many cars are on the road and how many passengers there are, and picks the most efficient route. The optimal number of passengers is 2 to 3.

Once officially on the streets, the company also plans to use cameras and sensors to help build mapping for future autonomous vehicle uses in their fleet.

A large number of new housing developments near the city were built with paid parking for residents. With the added high cost of parking in the downtown area, they hope to provide an alternative for those looking to get to and from work on a daily basis.

h/t [Sacramento Biz Journal[

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