Tesla pauses Cybertruck deliveries over wiper motor issue

Tesla has temporarily paused Cybertruck deliveries over an issue with perhaps one of the most talked about features on the electric truck, the Gigawiper.

On Friday Cybertruck reservations holders started reporting on social media that their delivery appointments had been abruptly cancelled, some without notice, only being told of the cancellation once they arrived at the Delivery Center.

“I was just turned away today at 4pm est for my cybertruck delivery. No text or call or any heads up…Wasted trip,” wrote one Cybertruck customer on Facebook.

While Tesla has not officially confirmed the reason for the delivery pause, some employees have informed customers that it is due to a safety issue with the Gigawiper, and more specifically the motor that powers it.

Over the last few weeks several users on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum reported that their wipers have stopped working. When it was taken to the Service Center, employees were not repairing the failed motors as they were waiting for a replacement part. Drive Tesla has been told that the motors powering the massive wipers are failing due to an internal fault stemming from a supplier quality issue. No further details were provided on the specific issue that was causing the motors to fail.

As a result, Tesla is pausing all deliveries until a new, updated wiper motor with a new part number is available to be installed, which is expected to take a week or more. Depending on the severity of the problem, Tesla may have to issue a recall to replace the wiper motors on Cybertrucks that have already been delivered.

If that happens, it wouldn’t be the first Cybertruck recall. That happened earlier this year due to an issue with the accelerator pedal cover, which could dislodge and become jammed in the footwell area. Tesla also had to stop deliveries for that issue, but was able to come up with a quick fix, installing a rivet at the bottom of the pedal to keep the cover in place, which took about 30 seconds to complete.

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