A peek inside Elon Musk’s emails to Tesla employees

Elon Musk is not your standard CEO. He enjoys spontaneous mass communication with his employees and will send those emails at will.

This trend continues, and Musk sent two mass emails, both obtained by CNBC, to his Tesla employees in the first week of October.

The first email was about, of all things, music in the factory. Musk noted that listening to music at work with one earbud out to listen for safety-related issues was ok.

The first email was sent on October 3.

The second email was a little harsher, and Musk wanted to remind everyone who was the boss.

The email noted when Musk sends directions to staff; people have three options:

Explain why he is wrong

Request further clarification


The second email went out on October 4.

The trend of Musk emails to the company is not new, and no one expects this to change.

In recent months he sent emails with words of encouragement for employees at Giga Berlin and another that agreed with a bullish analyst call that Tesla stock could go to $3,000 a share.

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