Elon Musk accepts offer on his Hillsborough, California mansion

Following through on another one of his promises, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has accepted an offer on his last remaining house in Hillsborough, California.

According to Zillow records, the 16,000 square foot mansion is under a “contingent” contract, meaning there are certain terms that need to be fulfilled before the deal is final. This could include things like the buyer selling their house first, the house passing building inspections, or approval of financing.

The New York Post reports the offer was made on Saturday, November 13, 2021. The property’s most recent list price was $31,990,000.

Credit: Zillow

Musk purchased the 10-bedroom home and 47 acres of land in 2017 for $23.3 million.

If the sale is finalized, it will officially leave Musk homeless. In May 2020 the CEO promised to sell almost all of his physical possessions, including his multiple houses, in an effort to help fund his goal of reaching Mars and making the human species multi-planetary.

Musk was originally planning to keep the Hillsborough mansion, but later decided to sell it on one condition – that it goes to a large family who will live there.

After selling his other California houses for $43 million, Musk now spends most of his time in a rented house in Boca Chica worth $50,000.

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