Another 56-stall Tesla Supercharger coming soon to the I-5 corridor in California


Tesla has recently filed a permit for the installation of yet another massive Supercharger in California. A total of 56 V3 charging stalls will be built at the Outlets at Tejon at 5701 Outlets at Tejon Pkwy.

Technically, the address is in Arvin, even though the city is located almost 20 miles away.

This Supercharger will relieve traffic on the other 24-stall station located directly across the highway. The original Tejon Ranch location is one of Tesla’s oldest Superchargers and has been in operation for almost 9 years.

Tejon Tesla Supercharger
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Since then, the location has expanded to 24 stalls, but there is no more room on the property to build any more chargers and cars are lining up during travel season.

Soon, drivers will have more than 3 times as many stalls to choose from.

Once open, this site will tie for the world’s 3rd largest V3 Supercharger with the Firebaugh Supercharger. First and second place are held by the Harris Ranch (80+ stalls) and Santa Monica (62 stalls) Superchargers.

The permit was filed three weeks ago by a Tesla Market Lead for Supercharger development in California. It is currently being reviewed by Kern County’s Department of Public Works. According to Tesla Find Us this location is set to open in the 4th quarter.

Arvin Tesla Supercharger


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