Tesla updates website to add HEPA filters to Model Y product page

Earlier this week we reported that Tesla had added Bioweapon Defense Mode to Model Y vehicles built at the Fremont factory in California. The discovery was made on a freshly built car by The Kilowatts more than six months after the feature first appeared on Model Ys built at Giga Shanghai.

Tesla has now made the change official by updating their website to list the hospital-grade HEPA filters as standard equipment on the Model Y. The change is visible on both the Canadian and US versions of the site.


Deliveries of cars with the feature have already begun, and is available on all Model Ys built after July 1, 2021. If you recently took delivery of a Model Y without the feature, the good news is that Tesla will soon offer a retrofit to add the filters for existing Model Y owners. The retrofit will be available to purchase on the Tesla Shop or through the mobile app, but a date for when it will be available, or the price, has not yet been determined.

Bioweapon Defense Mode will be particularly useful for owners on the west coast of Canada and the US where smoke from forest fires has become an unfortunately common occurrence in recent years.biohazard-line-graph-2x

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