Tesla Model Y third row shows off its versatility in detailed walkthrough

Ever since it was first announced, questions have been asked about how useful a third row in the Tesla Model Y would actually be. From the slanting roofline to the lack of legroom, speculation even arose that the third row would be rear facing.

The first deliveries of the seven seat Model Y haven’t begun quite yet, but we’re still learning a lot about the new configuration. The latest video from Two Bit da Vinci gives us a detailed walkthrough showing it is more versatile than people thought it could be.

As a parent of young children, the host Remi shows off a few scenarios that all other parents were wondering about. With the third row seats up, he attempts to put a full-size stroller in the trunk. Unfortunately the only way it could fit was with the sub-trunk cover removed, and the stroller sitting inside of it.

We also get to see Remi, who is about 6′ tall and his editor at about 5’2″ tall try out the third row for legroom. With the seats pushed forward the taller host has enough legroom to be comfortable for a short drive. His editor on the other hand has plenty of legroom, showing once again the third row is perfect for families with young children.

As we have seen from other people who have tried out sitting in the back, the railing from the second row is quite obtrusive and makes it difficult to find a comfortable spot to place your feet.

Model Y third row feet
Image via Two Bit da Vinci /YouTube

Remi gives us more detailed looks at the cargo space with the third row folded flat, and what its like to install a car seat in the third row.

Check out the full video below to learn more about the seven seat Tesla Model Y.

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