Up-close look at the Tesla Model Y third row [Photos] – Updated

Tesla is starting off 2021 with a bang, announcing several new vehicles in different markets. One of those was the 7-seat configuration for the Model Y, along with the introduction of the Standard Range (SR) variant.

With deliveries expected to begin soon, the first real-world sighting of production version of the third row has taken place in California. In a post to the TMC forums, a user by the name of GOFORIT5 stumbled upon the new Model Y at the Fashion Island Tesla Store in Newport Beach, California.

The perspective owner was able to get an up-close look at the car and provided answers to some of the biggest questions.

How much room for adults in the third row?

From the time the Model Y was unveiled, everyone has wondered if adults would be able to comfortably fit in the third row especially given the slanted roofline of the electric SUV. According to the TMC user, who is 5’7″, not only was the legroom was very narrow, but his head was almost hitting the glass.

He also noted despite the second row seat sliding forward and tilting up, it was still a narrow fit to get into the back of the Model Y.

The user said the third row would be perfect for his kids, aged 7 and 9, but would not recommend anyone taller than 5’2″ sitting in the third row.

According to the Tesla employee in the store, the automaker actually recommends against adults sitting in the third row.

“As is the case with all three-row SUVs, taller passengers will be most comfortable in the first and second rows. Rare customers who expect to frequently have taller passengers riding in the third row may want to explore the surprising affordability of model X, which offers more space in its third row thanks to it’s larger overall size.”

Child/car seats in the third row

Despite the presence of anchors on the seatbacks first seen in the leaked Model Y support video, there are no LATCH attachments for the third row.

Other information

There has been a rumour circulating the third row would have dedicated climate control vents. Unfortunately it does not, with Tesla recommending owners turn off recirculating air to improve airflow to the third row.

It was also noted during his tour of the vehicle the third row when folded flat still sits about 5 inches higher than the cargo area. This is unlike the 5-seat configuration that features a completely flat cargo area.

The 7-seat configuration is an optional $4,000 CAD ($3,000 USD) upgrade at the time of purchase. Before anyone asks, Tesla says current 5-seat owners are not able to get a retrofit.

UPDATE: Tammy Issarapanichkit was also able to check out the 7-seat Model Y in La Jolla, California and posted several photos to Facebook. Her experience mirrored what was mentioned above.

Head room comparison of a 5’4″ tall person (left) and a 6′ tall person (right).

Comparison of the legroom in the second row with  pushed all the way forward (left) versus pushed all the way back (right).

Comparison of the legroom with the second row not reclined (left) versus fully reclined (right).

Other photos showing a sideview of the third row legroom, an image showing the sliders interfering with the placement of the feet for the right side passenger of the third row, a car seat in the second row that is pushed all the way forward, and a large Uppababy Vista stroller only fitting in the trunk by using the subtrunk.

h/t: Reddit

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