Tesla Model Y takes on Ford Police Interceptor in quarter-mile drag race [Video]

The Tesla Model Y is quickly gaining popularity among police forces across the United States as an alternative to the traditional Ford Interceptor police cruisers, which are based on Ford’s Explorer SUV.

Tesla’s electric SUV is slightly more expensive than Ford’s offering, but those extra costs are quickly recouped through much lower fuel and maintenance costs.

Boulder County expects new Tesla Model Y police cruiser to save thousands of dollars each year

Not only does the Model Y outperform the Ford Interceptor on paper, it also is no match for the gas-guzzling SUV on the race track.

Colorado’s Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office recently took their Interceptor SUV to Bandimere Speedway, and ended up against a Model Y.

With lights and sirens blaring, the Interceptor is quickly shown the power of dual electric motors, crossing the finish line nearly a full 3 seconds behind the Model Y.

While the video doesn’t specify if it was a Long Range or Performance, we assume it is the entry-level variant since the calipers are painted yellow.

You can check out the full race below.


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