Tesla Model Y on schedule for mid-2020 deliveries in Canada [Update]

Tesla Model Y

Tesla released the Model Y SUV last month in the US, 6 months ahead of schedule. Unfortunately for Canadian reservation holders, they were left out of the initial launch, and were told by Tesla that deliveries would not begun until mid-2020.

Not long after, Tesla was forced to shut down its factories in the US due to the coronavirus pandemic, impacting production of the electric SUV. With the factory now closed for nearly 1 month, it was feared the shutdown could potentially delay the first deliveries in Canada.

But it appears mid-2020 deliveries of the Model Y in Canada are still on schedule, pending the re-opening of the factory in Fremont, which is hoped to be May 4, 2020.

One lucky Model Y reservation holder, Gary Chen, contacted Drive Tesla Canada to let us know that the Tesla Vancouver store called to inform him the first batch of deliveries are tentatively scheduled for either June or July.

According to Chen, the store is expecting some reservation holders to delay their deliveries due to financial pressures from the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

As a result, the store is calling reservation holders to see who would like their vehicle in the first batch of deliveries in order to get an estimate of how many should be shipped to Canada for the launch. He was also told the next batch of deliveries after June or July would not be until September or October.

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Chen’s reservation is for a white Long Range (LR) Model Y with the 20″ Induction wheels. This means the LR variant will be available at launch in Canada, unlike the US release where only Performance variants were first available.

Do you have a reservation for a Model Y in Canada? Have you received a similar phone call? Let us know in the comments below, or email us at driveteslacanada AT gmail.com.

UPDATE: We have heard from another reader, Jake, who said that he also received a similar call from Tesla Oakville asking if he would like have his reservation in the first wave of deliveries.

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