Tesla Model Y gets official EPA rating, and its better than the Model 3

Tesla Gemini Model Y wheels

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced during the Q4 earnings call that the upcoming Model Y had received a range boost, now at 507 km (315 miles) for both the Long Range (LR) and Performance versions.

This week the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officially released their testing results, showing that the Performance version of the electric crossover actually has better efficiency than its little sibling, the Performance Model 3.

Tesla Model Y Model 3 EPA comparison



The Model Y Performance earned a better combined efficiency rating than the equivalent Model 3, beating it in both city (Model Y – 129 MPGe, Model 3 – 119 MPGe) and highway driving (Model Y – 112 MPGe, Model 3 – 109 MPGe).

The numbers are certainly impressive, as the Model Y is a larger and heavier vehicle than the Model 3, which was already the most efficient electric vehicle on the market.

One would also think the larger profile of the Model Y would make it less efficient, but Tesla must have improved the technology in the batteries to squeeze even more out of the 75kWh battery pack than before.


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