Tesla Model Y flips three times after being rear-ended, driver and passenger walk away uninjured

Tesla’s entire lineup has been able to achieve perfect 5-star safety ratings from the the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Not only did they achieve the highest score possible, they also set new records along the way. One of those was set by the Model Y, which was found to have the lowest risk of rollover (7.9%) of any SUV ever tested.

But even in that slim chance it does happen, the odds of you suffering a serious injury are also not very high.

This high level of safety was on full display late Friday night when Gilbert Tang was rear-ended at high speed, resulting in his Model Y rolling over three times.

According to Tang, he was driving near Bakersfield, California with his wife Elise in the passenger seat when a driver who had fallen asleep rear-ended them while they were travelling at 73mph (117km/h).

The impact resulted in his Model Y spinning 270°, hitting the center median and rolling over three times before coming to a rest on the side of the highway.

Amazingly, both Tang and his wife were able to walk away from the accident. Video of the aftermath show the Model Y held up remarkably well with the frame largely undamaged (other than the obvious scrapes and scratches to the paint).

Obviously grateful to be alive, Tang immediately ordered a new Model Y.

Unfortunately with all the recent price increases he will be paying more (and have to wait a long time), but it will be well worth it knowing you are driving one of the safest cars on the road.

You can check out the terrifying TeslaCam footage below.


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