Tesla Model Y claims spot on America’s top 10 bestselling list in 2022

Tesla had a massive year in 2022, and the evidence has kept pouring in. The Model Y was in the list of top ten best-selling vehicles in the US for the year just ended.

The electric crossover sold 252,000 units in 2022 to claim sixth place in the US. As confirmed by Motor Intelligence, Model Y saw a 32.4 percent jump in sales from 2021.

The EV finished ahead of popular models, including the GMC Sierra, Toyota Tacoma, Honda CR-V, and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

This would not surprise CEO Elon Musk, who had always predicted the Model Y would surpass the less expensive Model 3 in sales. However, it helps the Model Y is the type of larger vehicle popular with American buyers.

Michelle Krebs of Cox Automotive fully expected the Model Y to perform well. She said, “It’s no surprise that Tesla ranks that high. The brand, despite all the news and stuff, still dominates the EV market, and it dominates the luxury market. A lot of that strength comes from the Model Y.”

Pickup trucks, however, dominated the top ten. Ford’s F-Series remained the best-selling vehicle, followed by the Chevrolet Silverado and Ram. This was despite all three losing market share. Tesla apparently has nothing to be worried about in this department as it has an upcoming electric pickup truck, Cybertruck.

Tesla delivered about 1.313 million cars in 2022 globally.

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