BREAKING: Tesla Model Y website updates delivery timing to March 2020 in US, Canada to mid-2020, and LR RWD no longer available for pre-order

It appears as though the rumours were true, as Tesla has just updated their website indicating the first deliveries of the Model Y will happen in March 2020 in the US market.

On the US version of Tesla’s online configurator, the Model Y delivery estimates for both the Long Range (LR) and Performance version now show as beginning in March 2020. Up until now, the same page was showing that “Production is expected to begin late next year.” Another change is that the LR RWD version is no longer available for pre-order.

For Canadians, the website unfortunately doesn’t show March 2020, but instead mid-2020 for the first deliveries. This is despite the first Model Y spotted in Canada earlier this morning in downtown Toronto.

Model Y deliveries Canada

The range on both the LR and Performance Model Y have also seen a big jump, increasing from 451km to now 507km. The website is still indicating that the Standard range version is expected to begin production in early 2021.

All of this news comes just ahead of Tesla’s Q4 earnings call later this afternoon. It was expected that Tesla CEO Elon Musk would provide an update on Model Y production, and even announce the first deliveries. With this latest website update, that’s surely going to happen now.


The Model Y also comes standard now with the 19″ Gemini wheels which were released as a winter upgrade option late last year. The configurator now also gives the option to purchase the ‘Performance Upgrade”, which increases top speed, upgrades your wheels to 21″ Überturbine rims, and a few other upgrades.

Model Y Performance upgrade

Tesla Uberturbine wheels
Tesla Uberturbine wheels
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