Progress at the Tesla Superchargers in Abbotsford as more equipment arrives

The Tesla Superchargers in Abbotsford popped up out of nowhere a few months ago. The location wasn’t on Tesla’s radar as a proposed site, and no one knew it existed until the crews working on the Surrey Supercharger expansion revealed it to Tesla owners.

Since late November, the site has been at a standstill, with no signs of construction or progress. But that has now changed as the Supercharger pedestals have arrived, and installation began Friday.

Photos by S. Sidhu

Photos by dmd2005

According to electricians on site, the new Supercharger should be online within a few weeks.

Once complete, the site will feature 12 stalls with the latest V3 Superchargers, capable of charging at up to 250kW. The location in Abbotsford will be a big help to drivers as it would allow many that are travelling to the interior of BC to skip the Supercharger in Hope.

The Abbotsford Supercharger is located at 3122 Mount Lehman Road, in the Highstreet Shopping Centre.

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