Tesla Model Y from Giga Berlin in Deep Blue Metallic appear in existing inventory

Tesla’s Giga Berlin has officially started production of Model Y SUVs finished in Deep Blue Metallic, adding another colour to the factory’s advanced Paint Shop. The first Model Y Performance SUVs in the new colour have now appeared on existing inventory in Germany.

For the last few months several test cars finished in Deep Blue Metallic have been spotted during drone flyovers of Giga Berlin. As with the introduction of any new colour, Giga Berlin’s Paint Shop went through a number of tests and validation procedures to ensure a quality paint job was being produced.

Tesla appeared to have approved the colour last month when several Deep Blue Metallic Model Ys were spotted leaving the factory on car carriers.

While there have yet to be any deliveries of the new colour, they should be starting soon as the first Deep Blue Metallic Model Ys have appeared on existing inventory in Germany. At the time of publication there are more than one dozen Deep Blue Metallic Model Ys available, all of them being Performance variants.

We know these cars are built at Giga Berlin as the first few digits of the VIN appear in the URL for each vehicle, and all of these cars have a VIN that starts with XP7Y, the code assigned for Giga Berlin.

With the addition of Deep Blue Metallic, Giga Berlin can now produce cars in five colours including Solid Black, Pearl White Multi-Coat, Quicksilver, and Midnight Cherry Red.

There is still one more brand new colour coming to Giga Berlin’s Paint Shop – Abyss Blue Multicoat. This is the third of the three new colours uncovered in the source code of the mobile app, with the other two, Mercury Silver Metallic and Deep Crimson Mutlicoat, undergoing name changes to become Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red respectively. While we don’t know if Abyss Blue will also see its name change, we do know it will still be a while until we see the first glimpses of the new colour. From what we have heard Tesla still does not have an estimated date for when it will be released.

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