Tesla Giga Berlin-Brandenburg will kick off production with the Model Y Performance

Tesla is inching closer and closer to the opening of their newest factory, Giga Berlin-Brandenburg. It was hoped their final approvals would be granted in November, but a review of objections to the project has to be repeated over concerns the first review wasn’t fair enough.

That means the final stamp of approval likely won’t come until December.

While we wait for that to finally happen, we are learning more about how the company is planning to ramp production at the factory.

According to an employee who spoke with German Tesla owner and enthusiast Andreas Ludt, the first vehicles to roll off the production line will be the Model Y Performance.

Until Tesla has been able to ramp production to a certain level, the company will still import Long Range (LR) variants from China.

The decision makes sense as the Performance variant is a high margin car for Tesla, and follows the same pattern when they launched the Model Y in the US in early 2020.

The first Model Ys will still have the 2170 battery cells. Elon Musk has already said that they will continue to import batteries from China until their battery factory at Giga Berlin is up and running.

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