FSD Beta V10.4 delayed over “late-breaking issues”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the next version of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software has been delayed until at least Sunday.

Version 10.4 of the software was supposed to be released Friday, but has been pushed back because of “late-breaking issues” discovered on internal test vehicles.

Without providing further details, Musk clarified that a fix has already been developed and should have been deployed earlier this morning.

If the fix is successful and no further bugs are found, V10.4 could be released to testers on Sunday.

When it does get released, it will be a slower phased approach with more owners receiving it as time passes.

The new approach comes as a result of a bug in V10.3 that led to false collision warnings and hard braking events that forced Tesla to roll back the update.

Based on information provided by Musk earlier this week, one of the upgrades in V10.4 is to the neural nets which will have better object permanence.

As with the previous version which for the first time had detailed releases notes, the more complex improvements will be included with the update itself.

UPDATE: The V10.4 release notes have been leaked ahead of the official release.

release notes
Image via @DirtyTesla /Twitter
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