Tesla drops Model Y 7-seat option in Canada, offers discount for existing inventory

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has made a number of changes to the Model Y lineup in Canada over the past several weeks, and another was made on Thursday night. According to the online Design Studio the automaker is no longer taking orders for the seven seat configuration on the Long Range variant of the electric SUV.

Last month Tesla introduced a new Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) variant of the Model Y, making both it and the Long Range variant eligible for the federal iZEV rebate, as well as several other provincial level incentives. However since it was coming from China it was only available with a black interior, a change that was also made to the Performance variant soon after, suggesting it too was going to be imported from China. It was also only available with a five seat layout.

Now there has been another change, and this time it is in regards to the Long Range variant as the seven seat layout as it is no longer appearing on the Design Studio. Previously priced as a $5,300 upgrade, the website now offers only the five seat configuration as standard, with an additional message saying “there are a limited number of 7 seats interior options available in inventory.”

Credit: Tesla

A review of the existing inventory available in Vancouver shows 20 seven seat Model Ys available, and they are also all being offered with a discount. Most are discounted by $500, but there is one Pearl White Long Range Model Y with a discount of $850 available at the time of publication. According to third-party inventory tracker WaitingForTesla, there are currently 75 Model Y seven seaters available across Canada.

Drive Tesla has not been able to determine why the seven seat layout for the Long Range variant has disappeared from the Canadian Design Studio. The option still appears for customers in the US, and according to our sources the automaker did not notify employees of the change, as they have typically done in the past.

Unlike the addition of the RWD variant and the changes to the Performance variant, we don’t believe this change means the Long Range is also going to be imported for China. Firstly the white interior option is still available, something which is not available for either the RWD or Performance, and none of the range or performance figures have changed.

Were you planning on ordering a 7-seat Model Y in Canada soon? Does this change your plans? Let us know in the comments below.

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