How to fix dual zone climate sync bug on Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model 3 dual zone climate control

It appears the new Tesla Model Y vehicles have a software bug. Owners are reporting that they are unable to access the dual zone climate controls on the touchscreen display.

Until Tesla fixes this in a future software update, there is a workaround to turn the feature on in your Model Y.

To access the dual zone controls on the Model 3, which shares the same screen and user interface (UI), you have to press the “SYNC” button by the climate controls.

This sync button is not available on the Model Y, but you can still turn on/off the dual zone climate controls by using the voice commands.

To do this, press the right scroll wheel on your steering wheel (or the microphone button on your screen), and say “turn off climate sync”. This command will now give you access on your screen for both the left and right side climate controls. To go back to single zone climate control, simply say “turn on climate sync”.

Check out the video below for a demonstration.

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