Performance Model Y sets new record at Buttonwillow for unmodified SUV [360° video]

Most people would be a little tired and take a break from being behind the wheel after driving across the US not once, but twice, in the span of a couple of weeks in an attempt to break the all-time EV Cannonball record.

But most people aren’t Ryan Levenson, amateur driver and host of The Kilowatts. Fresh off setting the AWD EV Cannonball record in his Performance Model 3, Levenson took his Performance Model Y to Buttonwillow race track to try and set another record.

If that sounds familiar, you might be remembering last month when Unplugged Performance took their tuned Performance Model Y to the same track, setting a record time with a professional driver of 2:01.92 for a modified SUV.

Taking a different approach, Levenson set out in his completely stock Model Y (other than lower tire pressure and gorgeous 3M Fiery Orange wrap) to try and set a record for an unmodified SUV at Buttonwillow.

At the Tesla Corsa 9 event using track configuration #13, the Model Y recorded consistent lap times, showing impressive agility for a heavy, 5-seater family-hauler by day.

After several laps around the 3.1 mile (4.98km) track, the record was set with a time of 2:09.252, making it almost as fast as a Lotus Evora, and beating the time set by a Subaru WRX.

Buttonwillow lap times
Image via Fastest Laps

You can ride along for the record lap with the 360° immersive video below. Also check out some images from the day at the track shared exclusively with Drive Tesla.

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