Leaked video inside Giga Texas shows a busy factory that is raring to go

New video from Giga Texas has leaked on Thursday, giving us a glimpse inside the factory and showing that Tesla is rearing to go and start producing customer cars.

The videos were shared on Snapchat by a Tesla employee, and show several busy areas of the factory.

In the first video we see a crate of Model Y drive units, before the employee shows an elevated view of the production line.

The next part of the factory we see is where the newly built vehicles are parked and tested, including calibration of the vehicle’s cameras.

The final stop on the tour takes us to a storage area of the factory to see a stockpile of tires – a part of the production process we don’t often think about.

Interestingly, we only see Model Ys with 19″ Gemini wheels in these videos, which are only found on the Long Range variant of the electric SUV.

Just yesterday we saw a shipment of Model Y Performance SUVs leaving the factory.

In the Q4 2021 earnings call, Tesla said they were aiming to have the first deliveries take place in March.

They also confirmed that production would begin with structural battery packs and 4680 cells representing a significant milestone for the automaker.

You can see the full videos yourself below.

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