Tesla owner creates DIY ‘HUD’ for Model 3

Tesla Model 3 HUD

One of the bigger complaints about the Tesla Model 3 when it was released, and to some extent still today, is that it didn’t come with a center display or heads-up-display (HUD), forcing drivers to “take their eyes off the road” to see how fast they are going.

Now a Tesla fan has created his own HUD of sorts, by creating a small display that fits in the air vents on the dash of the Model 3.

The creator, Josh Wardell (or TechTesla on YouTube), said it took him the better part of a year (including some procrastination thrown in) to develop the HUD.

While this obviously isn’t a HUD by definition, it could easily be altered to become one.

In the video posted to demonstrate the unit in action, it is displaying battery power and motor torque when the car is in motion. When it is stopped, it displays battery temperature and regen.


Wardell says the unit could be programmed to display thousands of other signals, not just the ones in the video above. He also says that the position of the display in the vents should not hinder the flow of air, so long as the vents are adjusted to split and come out on either side.

Wardell has also created some other cool, but not quite as polished, mods to his Model 3, including this Back to the Future style display showing similar information.

Tesla Model 3 display

Would you buy something like this for your Model 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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