Tesla Giga Shanghai Hits New Production Record in November

Tesla Giga Shanghai continues to increase production capacity. In November, the factory achieved a new production record thanks to intensive work. The success of Giga Shanghai strengthens Tesla’s influence in auto markets around the world.

Demand for electric vehicles continues to grow in China. More than one million electric vehicles were sold in the country for the first time in November, according to the local manufacturers association, CAAM. It is worth noting that plug-in hybrids are also considered as new energy vehicles (NEVs). Pure electric vehicles accounted for about 70 percent of sales in November.

From January to November 2023, China sold 8.3 million NEVs, up 36.7 percent from a year ago. Within the segment, sales of battery-powered vehicles rose 23.6 percent to 5.86 million, while sales of plug-in hybrids increased 83.5 percent. The market leader in China is BYD, but Tesla also has a strong position.

Tesla Giga Shanghai sold 82,432 Model 3s and Model Ys in November. That was down 18 percent from a year ago when it sold more than 100,000 units for the first time, but more than in September and October this year. A remarkable fact was that the factory achieved a new production record. According to data collected by @piloly/X, in November, Giga Shanghai produced 90,800 electric vehicles, more than ever before. This equates to approximately 3,026 vehicles per day or approximately 1.09 million per year. This figure also indicates that Tesla can already produce more vehicles per year than in its Q3 2023 report, where it put the capacity figure at >950,000.

The number of cars sold in November is lower than the number produced. Some vehicles were still on their way to be delivered to customers. This means they will be delivered in December, increasing the total number of deliveries throughout the month and in 2023 as a whole.

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