Tesla Model Y joins Merseyside Police in UK on trial basis

Many police forces across the United Kingdom have tested out Tesla’s Model 3 demonstration police cruiser, with excellent results. Now the Model Y has joined the party, although not officially from Tesla this time.

The Merseyside Police announced on Twitter this week that they are currently testing out a Model Y around Liverpool, sharing pictures of the electric SUV with an interesting set of reflective yellow decals on the front bumper that makes it looks like its more suited for a role in Star Wars.

The post came from the force’s Roads Policing Unit, saying it is definitely a head turner, but they did not provide details on how long the test will be for or what other departments might get a chance at getting behind the wheel of the Model Y cruiser.

They did however pose a question to their followers, asking how many “top up charges” people thought the Model Y will need for an average shift.

Naturally this type of question brought out the Tesla and electric vehicle (EV) critics, with responses slamming the Model Y as being a “glorified milk float” to others saying they hope they don’t run out of charge during a chase.

Matters weren’t helped by Chief Officer for Merseyside Police Special Constabulary Dave Lyons responding to the tweet saying the EV chargers at headquarters if Rose Hill were slow and would need upwards of 20 hours for a full charge.

Given that estimate it sounds like they use just a standard wall outlet, but it seems unusually high considering standard wall outlets in the UK are 240V, which should provide a full charge in less than half that amount of time.



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