Mercedes Benz cold weather testing their upcoming Model Y rival

Mercedes EQA

All eyes are on Tesla as they prepare to begin the first deliveries of the highly anticipated electric SUV, the Model Y next month. While that happens, a German automaker is cold weather testing their upcoming Model Y rival, the Mercedes Benz EQA.

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The EQA, which is based on the gas-powered GLA, was captured in these official photos from Mercedes Benz undergoing extensive cold weather testing in Sweden.

As with most of their vehicles when testing, they are disguised with a vinyl camouflage, but that does little to hide the overall shape.

During the testing, Mercedes engineers are monitoring the thermal management of both the battery and the interior in the frigid temperatures. They are also testing the efficiency of the battery pack in cold-weather charging, as well as the vehicles traction and energy recovery system (via CarBuzz).

While specifications for the production version have yet to be released, Mercedes Benz did provide a few details when the concept was unveiled in 2016.

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The electric crossover concept featured a 60kWh battery pack delivering up to 400km (249 miles) of range. The two electric motors produce 268 horsepower and 368lb-ft of torque, giving the EQA an estimated 5 second 0-60mph time.

The production Mercedes EQA is expected to be officially unveiled later this year at the 2020 Paris Motor Show in October.

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